Compliance Advisory

Compliance Advisory

Compliance is an important part of modern business due to the increased number of regulatory demands and requirements as well as the public attention to the integrity and scrupulosity of businesses. Oversights in compliance can cause a great deal of material and reputational damage to any company, from a small family business to a multinational corporation. We use our knowledge and expertise to assist our clients in identifying and tackling compliance risks, and in preparing efficient compliance policies and procedures.

It is hard to overestimate the importance of effective risk management. Correctly identifying potential risks and finding appropriate prevention and contingency measures can save your business a great amount of money and protect your reputation. We specialise in this area and offer a full range of assistance with risk managing, from the initial assessment and classification of potential risks to the development of countermeasures and procedures. In our work we use advanced methodologies and good practices and adhere to the most recent ISO standards.

Establishing a functional and effective structure, chains of responsibility and reporting lines can sometimes be a challenge. Sometimes an ineffective system makes things too time-consuming, or it creates giant financial overruns. If you think there is room for improvement in your business you are welcome to ask for our advice. We will examine your current corporate governance, assess your requirements and needs and provide you with ideas and solutions for optimisation of the corporate management. Naturally, we will also be happy to assist you with establishing an effective governance system from scratch if you are just starting your enterprise.

If you experience difficulties in your communications with authorities regarding corporate, compliance and similar issues – we are ready to help you as much as you need, up to the point when we can take over the liaison with the regulators on your behalf, including representing your company and defending your interests.

Corporate codes of conduct and ethical behavior become increasingly important in the modern business environment, because how you preserve integrity is no less meaningful than the pure commercial success. The society looks not only at your financial figures but at the ways of running the business. Things like corruption scandals, harassment lawsuits or discrimination may have great impact on your company. Therefore, a well-written corporate code of conduct to assist your employees with embracing the company’s values, together with well-thought prevention and mitigation measures, ensures that you do all that is necessary to avoid any possible negative consequences.

There are several facets of privacy which should all be attended for an effective regulation of this matter. We can assist our clients with preparing and controlling the validity and relevance of corporate privacy policies aimed at protecting the company’s interests, know-how and sensitive information, as well as policies aimed at protection of personal information received from your customers, suppliers and partners under GDPR.

For a start-up or a small-scale business it may become an issue to find resources inside the company for such a particular task, requiring very narrowly focused knowledge and skill, as establishing the company’s policies in the form of manuals, guidelines, handbooks etc. Therefore, outsourcing this task to specialists in the field of corporate and risk management is a viable solution. We offer our services of writing and tailoring to your needs any kind of corporate document you may require.

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