• Licensing of Trust Offices
  • Licensing of Financial Institutions
  • Licensing of Electronic Money Institutions
  • Licensing of Payment Institutions
  • Licensing of Fintech Companies
  • Licensing of Insurance Companies
  • Licensing of Investment Funds
  • Licensing of Investment Management Companies

Going through a licensing process is a time-consuming and sometimes tedious task for someone who has no experience in this area. When you rely on your own resources to do it, then normally you will have to allocate time for studying all the related requirements and background legislation regulating the desired activity area. At some point you might encounter difficulties with filling forms or drafting accompanying documents and will have to look for the assistance of an advisor. Eventually, this may cost you more than outsourcing the whole process to an external specialist who is experienced in the respective field of licensing and is already familiar with all the necessary steps and forms.

We offer you our expertise in preparing documents, filling out necessary forms, applying and providing support in a thorough and time-efficient manner so that you may avoid extra costs. Our experience includes work with licensing/registrations in the following areas: trust offices, banks, credit institutions, payment and e-money institutions, fintech companies, insurance companies, investment funds and investment management companies.

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